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The Leadership Trance

 - and all of us



There are thousands of books on leadership. MBA courses are anchored by the subject of leadership. This book ‘The Trance of Leadership – and all of us’ offers a very different and wide-ranging perspective of leadership.

This book is for everyone because author, Neil Gamble, opines ‘everyone is a leader’.

Neil Gamble repeatedly holds his generation to account for the ever-expanding tragedy and irresponsibility of this life on earth. But rather than playing blame games he offers a much bigger picture to consider.

We all know there is much wrong with this world we have created. ‘The Trance of Leadership’ encapsulates the many and beyond-counting expensive consequences of misdirected leadership that offer tantalising multi-trillion dollar opportunities in a more ‘evolved’ world.

What Neil Gamble strongly suggests is that we cannot fix this dysfunctional world – it is too embedded, too broken, too corrupt, too unfair, too indoctrinating and there are too many people with vested interests in positions of power and control. Most people consider this way of life as ‘normal’. Neil Gamble presents that how we have chosen to live is anything but normal.

But it is more than the obvious that is at play.

“Everything (and that means absolutely everything) is because of energy”. Not just at the micro level – but much more so at the universal level. With this in mind, the lens is changed and a very different understanding of what is truly going on is presented.

He proposes that we can not change this dysfunctional world and that we can only change ourselves to reflect to all others a more purposeful and responsible way of living.

Leadership through the ages has chronically failed to serve with integrity or responsibility. Whilst leaders of governments, institutions, corporates and religions talk up their self-serving visions and strategies, the evidence is clear – they have founded systemic failure and much of that leadership was a disguise for vested interests, power, control and an epidemic of individualism. The author exposes individualism (which includes nationalism) as our addiction, as a deformity and as an abnormality.

We cannot truly and effectively lead (or even manage ourselves) unless we are committed to developing along a path of evolution that serves all and everything. To do this we need to unpick our core ideals and beliefs that have been directing us in the opposite direction to evolution.

The key is to understand the immense forces at play whilst developing along the path of evolution; this book shines a light towards that path of evolution.

Our education systems (which includes parenting, cultural ideals and beliefs as well as our educational institutions) are exposed for systemic, extensive and chronic failures.

Our so called ‘long term plans’ are exposed as hopelessly short term geared to generational and sectorial self-interest. We have allowed time to control so much of what we do, yet time is a limiting and reducing factor. Time is a distraction that keeps us from true purpose and responsibility.

“Once the bigger, universal picture has been seen, it is impossible to unsee it.” – Neil Gamble



"Time is the enemy. We must simply connect to purpose and reduce time to an irrelevance."

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In 1979 Neil Gamble immigrated to Australia having been born and educated in South Africa.


He has lived in Durban, London, Brussels and Sydney and has worked extensively in many countries notably the USA and the wider European Community.


He has a rare resume having been CEO/Chairman of high profile companies across a wide range of industries that included technology, internet, media, engineering, property development, gaming/entertainment, financial services and health & wellbeing.

His experiences have included publicly listed companies on the ASX, NASDAQ and London Exchanges.


In 2007 he retired from executive life and took on a number of Chairmanship and Non Executive Directorship roles as well as investing in technology ventures.

He is married and lives in Sydney, Australia.



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